Trucking Companies Have an Unfair Advantage.

Connecticut-and-Massachusetts-Trucking-Accident-LawyersLarge trucks, sometimes called tractor trailers, 18 wheelers, or semis can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. That is more than 20 times that of an average passenger car! As a result, a collision between one of these trucks and a passenger vehicle often results in catastrophic injuries and damages.

Did you know that large trucking companies have a team of lawyers ready to respond to an accident within moments after it occurs?  These attorneys are members of what trucking companies call Rapid Response or Catastrophic loss teams.  The reason for these teams is simple.  Trucking accidents are often devastating, and the potential financial exposure to the companies can be many millions of dollars. 

Therefore, trucking companies want these attorneys at the scene of an accident as soon as possible, and often times while injured victims are just beginning to receive medical treatment.  These attorneys are gathering evidence, talking to the truck driver, and getting witness information.  They are also attempting to get the names and addresses of any individuals involved in the accident so that they can start gathering information on potential plaintiffs.  In a nutshell, Trucking companies are preparing to defend against a lawsuit before many injured victims have even gotten medical treatment they need.  Does this sound unfair?  Well it is.  Because of this, injured victims need an attorney who understands the complexities of trucking cases.

You Need an Experience Trucking Attorney:

At Stanger Stanfield Law, LLC, we know how devastating these accidents can be.  In fact, our attorney have been members of these Rapid Response and Catastrophic Loss teams.  We have been on scene after an accident, gathering evidence, and defending trucking companies.  We have been involved in cases and seen trucking companies and their insurance companies undervalue and unfairly treat accident victims.  Most importantly, we have seen inexperienced plaintiff’s attorneys leave millions of dollars on the table for their clients because they didn’t understand the complexities and value of the case!  One of our attorneys remarked when joining Stanger Stanfield Law, LLC that after years of being on the side of trucking companies, he finally had enough.  We believe we are an on the right side of this dispute, he was no longer willing to let victims get treated unfairly, and he is now here to represent you, not the trucking companies!  However, his prior experience as well as the experience of others in the firm has given us a unique perspective that many other attorneys for the injured party (you), simply do not have.  We know what to look for, how to prepare your case, and most importantly what it is truly worth.  We know what evidence the trucking companies have, the common mistakes they made leading to the accident, and most importantly how to get the right information to maximize the value of your case!  Get to us as soon as possible after the crash, it may make a critical difference in our ability to get you paid the full amount for the damages you suffered.

Additionally, we know a potential trucking case when other attorneys may see a simple car accident case.  Did you know that trucks are a class of vehicle called a Commercial Motor Vehicle?  In fact, CMV’s are governed by a specific set of rules set for the by the Federal Government.  These rules govern hiring, training, and operation for drivers and companies.  Because of this, it is important to know if a vehicle qualifies as a CMV.  Here are a few examples you may not have thought of:

  • A Ford F150 pulling a trailer;
  • A box truck used for moving and transporting goods;
  • A dump truck;
  • A water truck;

Our truck crash lawyers know what vehicles qualify as CMV’s and how to handle your case accordingly.

Common Causes of Trucking Accidents:

As we said before, CMV’s are governed by Federal Law.  Often times, these rules are violated, leading to accidents.  For example, drivers are only permitted to work 14 hours in a day and only drive for 11 of those 14 hours.  After that they must take 10 consecutive hours off duty.  All too often, drivers are pushed beyond those limits, and accidents occur.  Here are some common causes of accidents:

  • Driver fatigue;
  • Distracted driving;
  • Falling asleep at the wheel;
  • Driving too fast;
  • Driving to close to other vehicles;
  • Talking and texting while driving;
  • Poorly maintained vehicles;
  • Failing to adjust driving to the weather conditions;
  • Insufficient driver training;
  • Knowing Who is Responsible:

It can’t be said enough.  Trucking accidents are not car accidents!  In fact, trucking accidents can be complicated. Indeed, there are multiple parties involved in a truck accident, and figuring out exactly what went wrong and who’s to blame requires a thorough investigation and analysis of the evidence.  Often times the tractor, trailer, and goods being shipped are owned by separate entities who all have their own insurance.  Additionally, third party brokers may be involved who are responsible for arranging for the transportation of the goods.  We understand how trucking companies operate, and all of the potentially liable parties who are involved.  Most importantly, we know how to find all available insurance to ensure that you receive maximum compensation.   

You Deserve to Recover Compensation

DON’T LET THE TRUCKING COMPANIES HAVE THE ADVANTAGE! When you hire our law firm, we provide unbeatable representation. We have the staff and resources that your case deserves, and can hire experts to investigate your case and testify on your behalf. We are on your side every step of the way to explore all options for recovery and identify all potentially liable parties.

You deserve to be fully compensated after a truck accident. We work hard to improve your chances of recovering the full value of your damages for economic and noneconomic losses, including medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering. We fight back against any claims of modified comparative fault, and will seek punitive damages when appropriate.

We work hard to get you your full settlement amount. Not only does this include investigating your case, but also building your case, maintaining evidence, and negotiating with insurance adjusters. If necessary, we will take your case to court to litigate on your behalf.

The Time to Take Action Is Now

The time to take action if you have been in a trucking accident is right now.  Remember that the trucking companies have started preparing their defense moments after the accident occurred.  The sooner you act, the more likely it is that you will have a strong case that yields a favorable settlement. The statute of limitations may prevent you from bringing a claim if more than two years (it can be stretched to three years under certain limited circumstances), have passed from the date of your accident. If you don’t act now, you may be permanently barred from recovery and give the trucking company an unfair advantage.

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