Modern-day litigation is very expensive and time-consuming. That reality can work for you or against you depending upon the case and the resources available to you and your opponent.

At StangerLaw LLC, our commercial dispute resolution attorneys consider numerous avenues for resolving business disputes, including:

  • Mediation
  • Negotiation
  • Arbitration
  • Litigation

Our business dispute lawyers in Hartford believe it is our responsibility to provide expert legal advice, but the final decision(s) always rest with our clients. It is our job to advocate for the client and effectively present his or her case; our client provides the information and internal resources necessary to build that case. Our business lawyers recommend the tools we believe will be most effective in supporting our client’s best interests, and then our client approves the recommendations that fit best with his or her perspective and needs.

Contact our attorneys to discuss your dispute and find a workable solution that meets your needs.

Open Communication and Dialogue

Establishing realistic goals and budgets is an ongoing process; substantial effort goes into defining the initial goals and budget and then continuous reviews are needed as new facts are identified. What does the client want? What is the likelihood we can deliver that result? What other outcomes are likely? How long will it take to resolve the dispute? What will it cost in both hard and soft dollars? All of these questions must be answered.

Regular communications are imperative to successful results and client satisfaction. We will provide detailed information on the status of the matter we are working on — we expect the client to review the information and ask us questions about anything he or she does not understand or wants to know more about. Communication is a two-way street and success is the result of collaboration between the client and the attorney.

Working With Your Staff

Since most commercial litigation is closely related to the industry of our clients, we have found the greatest success by working with members of the client’s staff to plan and execute the litigation strategy. This approach ensures the most informed strategies are developed (because the client’s staff knows the intricacies of the business and ramifications of the facts in dispute) and allows the client to better control costs through use of his or her own personnel. In addition, the client’s continuing involvement results in his or her better understanding the case, including impediments to resolution and the progress being made.

Representative Cases

Here is a sampling of commercial disputes we’ve pursued for our Connecticut business clients:

  • Collection of money due on construction projects, sale of goods and sale of services
  • Major construction disputes, including cases with multiple sites involving both high- and low-tech installations
  • License for software
  • Shareholder disputes in both publicly held and closely held businesses
  • Enforcement and defense of non-compete agreements, competitive restrictions and trade secret protection

Fees: Contingent, Hourly and Blended

Businesses and individuals today rely on the flexibility of their vendors regarding deliverables, timing, and payment schedules. Our clients are no exception and that is why we have multiple fee arrangements.

Our rates are comparable with most firms our size and are substantially lower than many larger firms. Contact a dispute resolution attorney online today or call us at 860-561-0651 to discuss how we can help with your commercial dispute.