“Bruce: thanks for your kind and considerate attention to our business issues. As always, I am comforted and encouraged by your clarity and guidance.”Jennifer/Tom/Joy

“Ethical, hardworking, and kind are words that come to mind when I think of Bruce Stanger. I recommend Bruce without hesitation. He’s an excellent lawyer.”Ryan Mckeen

“I have worked with Bruce and have found him to be diligent, creative, and prompt in terms of service and response. Bruce can be sensitive in regards to the needs of his clients. I highly recommend him.”Faye Sheppard

“Bruce has advised me on a number of occasions – he has terrific insights that have helped me accelerate my business and has given me peace of mind.”Pete Winiarski

“Great Results, Personable, High Integrity – Bruce is a totally capable attorney with tremendous integrity and personal charm. He is responsive to his clients’ needs and cares greatly about doing his job well.”Lisa Grant

“I still remember meeting Bruce: It was about 20 years ago, and his in-depth knowledge of complex engineering subjects was so impressive that I asked him if he was an engineer, and he said yes. So, I have to take my hat off to Bruce for being a JD and achieving a degree in engineering. He’s also a great advocate for his clients, and has my deep admiration and respect.”John Brandon

“Great Results, Personable, High Integrity – I would highly recommend Bruce Stanger for the following: He is an “in the moment” focused type of person. When you are with him his total attention is on you. His attention to detail and his ability to think “outside the box” are other strengths that you rarely find in such a competent attorney. Also, Bruce is an awesome communicator. He is able to take the most complicated legal issues and break it down to extremely understandable concepts. Lastly, if all I was measuring were the results Bruce would also get my vote as he delivers consistently good results.”Alan Nathan

“Great Results, Personable, High Integrity – I initially met Bruce through his many charitable endeavors. When I found myself needing an attorney, I didn’t think twice about hiring Bruce. He is as passionate professionally as he is in his charitable work. Bruce is a tireless worker who is both a skilled attorney and has integrity beyond reproach.”Sherri Pliskin

“Great Results, High Integrity, Creative – Bruce is an outstanding exception to a world of attorneys whose negative natural instinct seems to run counter to the concept of deal making. His approach is knowledgeable, creative and accommodates the urgency of forward progress. He helps get things done.”Clement Kichuk