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What to Do if You Are Hit By a Semi Truck

Were you seriously injured in a Connecticut semi-truck accident? If so, you may be feeling overwhelmed and unsure of exactly what you to do next. This is not unusual. The truck accident claims process is complex.

Unfortunately, the big insurance companies are not interested in helping victims through the process and are often reluctant to pay out full and fair settlement offers. To help you protect your rights, our Hartford truck accident lawyers have put together a list of five important things that you need to do after being hit by a semi-truck in Connecticut.

Steps to Take After Being in a Trucking Accident

Five Steps to Take After a Connecticut Truck Accident

1. Call the Police

As the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) clearly explains, drivers are required to report their accident to police if:

  • There are any injuries; or
  • There is any property damage, regardless of the value of the damage.

Beyond being required to report your accident for legal reasons, after a semi-truck accident, you should call the police to protect your own self interests. The responding officer will file an official accident report, which can be used as evidence in your legal claim.

2. Get Yourself to a Doctor

If you need emergency medical attention, you should accept an ambulance ride to the nearest hospital. Though, even if you believe that your injuries are minor or moderate, you should always see a doctor after a truck accident. First and foremost, you need to do this to protect your health and well-being. You may be more injured than you realize. Further, you also need to protect your legal rights. You will not be able to bring a personal injury claim against the responsible trucking company if you have not seen a doctor.

3. Gather and Secure Evidence

Following a truck accident, you should make a proactive effort to obtain any and all evidence that is relevant to the crash. This includes everything from getting your hands on a copy of the police report to taking pictures of the accident scene and your vehicle damages. Should a dispute arise over your truck accident claim, you will need to rely on this evidence.

4. File a Report With Your Insurance Company

You should immediately report your accident to your insurance company. Under the terms of your own insurance policy, you are likely obligated to notify your insurer of any accidents that you are involved in. When filing an initial report, simply stick to narrow, straightforward facts. Never admit fault for the truck accident and never speculate about your crash or about your injuries. At this point, you are only notifying your insurer of the issue. You do not need to have all of the information yet.

5. Seek Legal Assistance

Finally, if you were severely injured in your accident, or if the insurance company is refusing to pay you the full settlement offer you deserve, you should consult with a qualified attorney. It is a best practice to get an experienced Connecticut truck accident lawyer by your side as early on in the insurance claims process as is possible.

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