Both the law and professional ethics prohibit a doctor, psychologist, lawyer or other professional from abusing their power and engaging in sexual activity with clients. There are severe consequences for those professionals who fail to abide by these rules.

At the West Hartford law firm of StangerLaw LLC, we have extensive experience bringing lawsuits against those who have committed professional sexual misconduct. Our lawyers represent clients who have been sexually harassed or abused by therapists, doctors, attorneys, chiropractors and other professionals.

In general, professional sexual misconduct encompasses:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Solicitation of sexual acts in exchange for payment
  • Becoming sexually and romantically involved with a client
  • Using sex to manipulate a client
  • And all other acts of professional sexual misconduct or other abuses of power

If you believe a professional took advantage of you by engaging in or forcing sexual activity,contact our legal ethics and professional responsibility lawyers. We can help.

We Maintain the Highest Ethical Standards

Attorney Bruce Stanger is a member of the Connecticut Bar Association’s Professional Responsibility Committee. Under his guidance, we build strong and compelling cases for clients who have been sexually abused or harassed by a professional they once trusted. Our clients appreciate our level of commitment to their case and our upholding of strong legal ethics in a time of physical, emotional and psychological pain.

Damages for Sexual Misconduct

The real damage often is in living with what happened – Having been violated – Not knowing who to trust – Not being able to trust. Call us, we understand and we can help. In many cases our clients have also had to take time off work, or needed to attend additional therapy sessions to move past the incident. If this describes your situation, you be entitled to compensation for the professional sexual misconduct.

At StangerLaw LLC, our attorneys frequently utilize the services of experts to help in understanding how the misconduct has affected our clients. We then aggressively seek this compensation through negotiations with the professional’s malpractice insurance company or through trial. Rest assured, we will always protect your rights and your best interests.

To read more about professional misconduct, please see our article ” Think Before You Jump.”

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