Lawyers who find themselves facing a grievance complaint, whether damaging or potentially career-ending accusations of professional misconduct, must mount a strong defense to protect both their reputation and their livelihood.

At the law firm of StangerLaw LLC, in West Hartford, Connecticut, our legal ethics attorneys are here to help. Remember a lawyer who represents herself has a fool for a client.

If you are a lawyer accused of wrongdoing, a breach of fiduciary duty or another act of misconduct, we can help.

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Do not respond to any grievance without working with a third party, preferably a lawyer who practices in this area. Far too often, responses prepared by the affected individual raise issues never even mentioned by the grievance panel in the original complaint.

We Have the Necessary Experience

Attorney Bruce Stanger is a member of the Connecticut Bar Association’s Professional Responsibility Committee. He can help and guide you through the series of steps that occur when a lawyer faces a complaint before the grievance committee or the Superior Court. For more information, Bruce Stanger has a blog on professional malpractice.

Consultation With Our Lawyers About Professional Responsibility

If you need powerful legal assistance to combat an allegation that you failed to fulfill your professional obligations, contact StangerLaw LLC, online or call us at 860-561-0651. Our Connecticut attorneys will be happy to discuss your issue in complete confidence.