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Legal Malpractice Resource Links

American Bar Association (ABA) Center for Professional Responsibility
The ABA provides publications and information regarding the professional regulation of attorneys and the legal ethics that guide them.

American Legal Ethics Library
The Legal Information Institute (LII) has compiled ethics rules, laws and commentary and organized them by state and topic.

Directory of Lawyer Disciplinary Agencies
The American Bar Association’s directory contains the names and addresses of lawyer disciplinary agencies nationwide.

Federal Judiciary Rules and Policies
Find links to the rules for U.S. federal courts and information on how those rules are made and enforced.

Occupational Outlook Handbook: Lawyers
The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides a useful explanation of what lawyers do and how they do it.

National Organization of Bar Counsel
The NOBC is a nonprofit organization providing legal ethics resources, summaries of recent cases involving attorney discipline and a “Frequently Asked Questions” page about legal ethics.

Links to State Ethics Rules Governing Lawyer Advertising, Solicitation and Marketing
The American Bar Association provides a portal to every state’s rules on lawyer advertising ethics.
This website is devoted to exploring the ethical issues surrounding lawyers and the technology they use.

Professional Responsibility Articles
These articles focus on legal ethics issues in Minnesota and beyond and are mostly based on the widely adopted Model Rules of Professional Conduct.

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