Protecting Victims of Bad Lawyer Advice in Connecticut

In the past, lawyers have been unwilling to take on cases involving malpractice claims against other lawyers. Times have changed — lawyers should not be protected by other lawyers who are unwilling to make them pay for their mistakes.

At StangerLaw LLC, our Connecticut legal malpractice attorneys believe that if you have been injured because you relied on the bad advice of a lawyer, the system should help you get fair compensation.

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Bad Lawyer Advice Is Legal Malpractice

A lawyer’s professional obligations include providing clients with competent legal advice.

The failure to provide competent legal advice that leads to negative consequences or harms a client may constitute legal malpractice and you have a right to pursue a legal malpractice claim.

Examples of bad lawyer advice include:

  • Misquoting or using improper legal authority (such as cases or statutes from other jurisdictions),
  • Failing to notify clients of filing and other court deadlines,
  • Failing to inform clients of a statute of limitations,
  • Lack of proper communication with the client,
  • Advising a client to sell his or her house before a spouse dies (this can have enormous tax ramifications),
  • Drafting inconsistent terms in contracts, and
  • Providing improper choice-of-entity advice.

We Will Evaluate Your Situation and Represent Your Interests

Bruce Stanger is a dedicated legal malpractice attorney with over 40 years of legal experience in a variety of practice areas.

Our legal team knows what elements make a legal malpractice claim, and we are not afraid to represent your interests.

We know that you have already been wronged by an attorney. Do not let that one experience keep you from seeking the help you need to seek full compensation in a legal negligence lawsuit. Bruce will work closely with you at all times, answer all of your questions, and keep you fully informed of your case.

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