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How Long Do Connecticut Legal Malpractice Settlements Take?

how long does a legal malpractice settlement take

It’s tough when you trust a lawyer to handle your case, and they fail to do so. You may wonder how long it will take for you to recover compensation for legal malpractice.

Unfortunately, there is no standard answer to the question, How long does a legal malpractice settlement take?

Every case is different, but our Connecticut legal malpractice lawyers can give you an idea of the factors influencing the timeline.

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The Legal Malpractice Lawsuit Timeline

Legal malpractice is a form of professional negligence

Thus, to make a successful legal malpractice claim, you must prove three essential elements:

When you meet a Connecticut legal malpractice attorney, they will start by asking you what happened. Then, they will collect evidence to prove your claim. They will ask for any letters or emails from your first attorney that show you had an attorney-client relationship. The standard is for an attorney to clarify whether they have chosen to represent you by sending a letter stating one way or the other, but it is not the only way. 

When your attorney listens to what happened, they will compare the attorney’s skill, knowledge, and diligence to the ordinary degree exercised by Connecticut lawyers in the same general line of practice.

Often, an expert on attorney ethics and duties will testify to the ordinary standard of care for the jury. However, with our experience, we can assess whether your first attorney’s actions violated the standard of care. If so, they acted negligently.

Finally, your attorney will ask about your damages.

Damages mean the expenses, losses, and harm you experienced because of the attorney’s negligence. Usually, malpractice damages include attorneys’ fees, or the amount you would have won in the case had the attorney acted reasonably. 

How Long Does a Legal Malpractice Lawsuit Take To Resolve?

After your initial consultation, our team will work to communicate with your first attorney and gather evidence to support your claim.

Many attorneys have malpractice insurance and will hire their own legal representation. In cases where the attorney admits their mistake or the negligence is obvious, they may offer you a settlement. If you accept the offer, the legal malpractice suit will resolve quickly, possibly within a few months. 

If the attorney denies any elements in your legal malpractice claim, the case may go to court. In that case, discovery procedures and motion requirements can take months or even years. At trial, we will present your evidence and testimony to the jury, who will deliberate and decide the outcome.

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