What is Divorce Mediation in Connecticut?

Traditional divorce proceedings are adversarial and can leave parties bitter and unhappy after the divorce. As an alternative, divorce mediation offers the two parties a neutral mediator to help them reach a mutually agreeable resolution to their differences.

The couple is guided, through a controlled and structured process, toward a resolution that is self-determined, fair and reasonable, and based upon open disclosure of information.

Attorney Bruce Stanger Discusses the advantages of divorce mediation.

The question that judges often ask is, “Do you want to be seated together at your child’s wedding, or do you want your son or daughter to feel he or she has to put you at opposite ends of the room and spend the day worrying about fireworks?”

Mediation can help you handle your divorce in a positive, productive way and pave a path for a brighter future for your children.

The divorce mediation lawyers at StangerLaw LLC can help you understand your rights before, during and after the mediation. We use our knowledge of the law to ensure all necessary aspects of a divorce decree are included. We then bring the agreed upon document to the court for finalization.

If you want to resolve your divorce issues amicably, contact the divorce mediation lawyers at StangerLaw LLC in West Hartford, Connecticut.

Of course, if your spouse won’t work in a cooperative way through mediation, we will fight for you in court.

Connecticut Divorce Mediation: A Win-Win Solution

Connecticut divorce mediationMediation and other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods eliminate or significantly reduce the contention of divorce proceedings. Divorce becomes a “win-win” situation rather than a “win-lose” proposition.

Some of the benefits of mediation include:

  • Less expensive: Mediation can save you money and the stress of a bitter courtroom battle.
  • You decide the outcome: In litigation, a judge decides matters of custody, support and property. In mediation, the mediator will help you and your former spouse reach mutually acceptable agreements regarding these very important issues.
  • Your children’s interests are at the forefront: Mediation lays the groundwork for a healthier relationship with your ex-spouse after the divorce, a situation that is much healthier for your children.
  • Save time: It probably took you quite a bit of time to decide to file for divorce. It should not have to take you months or even years to officially end your marriage. Retaining the services of a certified family law mediator can help reduce the time it takes for your divorce to be finalized.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

What is Alternative Dispute Resolution?

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) can take many forms and is used in many legal cases today instead of, or to avoid, litigation.

The goal of ADR, or mediation, is to help parties settle negotiations in the best interest of all those involved.

The ADR process generally contains five critical elements:

  • An impartial, third party facilitator,
  • A third party who protects the integrity of the proceedings,
  • Good faith from all participants,
  • The presence of the parties; and
  • An appropriate site of venue.

When Is ADR Appropriate?

Many personal injury cases, commercial disputes and family matters (such as divorce and custody) can be settled satisfactorily through Alternative Dispute Resolution in CT.

However the specifics of each case need to be carefully assessed to determine whether ADR is appropriate. If you are interested in finding out whether Alternative Dispute Resolution might work for your case, the attorneys at StangerLaw LLC can help you. Call us to discuss the possibilities of divorce mediation.

Fees – Contingent – Hourly – Blended

Businesses and individuals today rely on the flexibility of their vendors regarding deliverables, timing and payment schedules. Our clients are no exception and that is why we have multiple fee arrangements.

In many cases, resolutions of commercial disputes are billed on a simple hourly basis. In some instances, the circumstances warrant a contingency arrangement in which the client and attorney share the risk. Most situations need to be reviewed and discussed before an appropriate fee arrangement can be determined.

Our rates are comparable with most firms our size and are substantially lower than many larger firms. Call our lawyers to discuss how we can help with you.

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