Category: Personal Injury Posted on Aug 14, 2017

What Kind of Duty Does Your Child’s School Have to Protect Them on School Trips?

what duty does your child's school have to protect them on school field trips

Duty is an interesting legal concept. When we entrust our things to another, that person has a duty of care. It should and is the same thing when we entrust our children to another especially a school.

We don’t have a duty if care to a stranger. If I know there are dangerous animals in my community, I don’t have a duty to warn my neighbors. Nor do I have a duty to help someone who I see while walking, is injured.

The duty can be ordinary care (to not be negligent) or in other certain circumstances it could be a higher level of care. As with other things in law it depends on all the facts. Call us. We can help you understand your rights.

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