Category: Personal Injury Posted on Dec 15, 2017

Two Connecticut Trucking Accidents Result In Severe Injuries and Death

There are many lawyers that handle cases that are generally known as personal injury, such as an automobile accident. However, very few have the experience that we have in handling cases involving trucks. Be wary of a lawyer who is taking on something for the first time and be sure that they are prepared to learn what needs to be learned in order to get that done. Recently there have been a couple of short reports in the press of motor-vehicle accidents which involve a truck (links below). Considering the size of a truck and the forces which an accident with a truck places on the people in the vehicles with which they collide, the injuries are often much more severe in a truck accident.

Trucks and their operators, owners and drivers are also subject to many more specific rules and regulations that do not apply to a car or a small pickup truck. There are many things to look at including a little black box that would be in the vehicle describing what happened, logs that are to be kept by many truckers as to how many hours they’re on the road as well as rules regarding maintenance and upkeep.

If you or someone you love has been involved in a crash with a truck or a car we have the experience to help you understand whether there is a claim worth pursuing. Please call and we can consider whether your matter is something we would take on.

Here are the two articles mentioned above.

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