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How Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyers Can Defend You Against Big Companies

Tragic Tractor-Trailer Accident on Route 9 Near Cromwell, CT

trailer truck accident lawyersOn Wednesday, June 20, 2018, a tractor-trailer was traveling southbound on Route 9 in Cromwell, CT when it crossed the center median and struck a car that was traveling northbound. The tractor-trailer then continued along the highway before coming to its final resting place next to a tree. Serious injuries and death were reported as a result of the tractor-trailer accident. 

After the accident, police closed portions of Route 9 to conduct an investigation. Additionally, the tractor-trailer company likely dispatched investigators and attorneys to gather as much information as they could once they received news of the accident. 

Why Lawyers Are Necessary For Tractor Trailer Accidents

Why do tractor-trailer companies immediately dispatch investigators and attorneys? 

When a serious accident involving a tractor-trailer occurs, the companies know that their financial exposure could escalate to millions of dollars. Therefore, trucking companies dispatch a team of attorneys and investigators to begin defending the case that may come as a result of the accident. 

Why We Defend The Victims And Not The Companies

Our attorneys have worked for trucking companies. Having grown tired of defending these companies, we now work exclusively for victims of tractor-trailer accidents. 

Our previous knowledge gives us a unique and beneficial insight into how we can help victims. 

  • We know how the trucking companies begin defending cases from the very beginning;
  • We understand how trucking companies value cases;
  • And most importantly, we understand how to help people recover the full value of their case when it involves an accident with a tractor-trailer.

Always remember that when an accident occurs involving a tractor-trailer, the trucking company begins its investigation immediately. Often, the trucking company is starting to defend a case before an injured party has even received the medical treatment that they require. Therefore, it is critical that an injured party contact an experienced trucking accident attorney like StangerLaw LLC. We have the resources and knowledge to handle the case. Critical evidence needs to be preserved, eyewitnesses need to be contacted and spoke to, and the scene of the accident needs to be investigated before too much time has passed.

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