Category: Personal Injury Posted on May 05, 2020

Tractor Trailer Strikes Bicyclist in Middletown

On Friday May 1, 2020 a tractor trailer struck a bicycle on Randolph Road in Middletown, Connecticut. Little information is known about the people involved, or if any injuries were reported.

Source: TheMiddletownPress

For those of us who are familiar with Randolph Road, this is a busy street were vehicles often times exceed the speed limit. It is also an often utilized road for bicyclists. Unfortunately, given that it is highly traveled, often times by large tractor trailers, accidents like this are bound to occur. While little is known about the accident, the fact that it involves a tractor trailer raises serious questions about how the accident occurred.

Many drivers, tractor trailers included, ignore the fact that bicycles are entitled to many of the same rights as motorists on the roadway. Despite this, bicycle rights are often times ignored, leading to disastrous results. Many drivers also ignore, or are potentially unaware of the fact that the law requires motor vehicles to provide a cyclist with at least three feet of room when passing them on the roadway. Motor vehicles are not permitted to pass a bicycle if it cannot be done safely. Again, this rule is too often ignored, leading to accidents such as this one.

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