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Ohio Cement Truck Rollover Kills Woman in Accident

Ohio Cement Truck Rollover Kills Woman in Accident

Tragedy struck in Ohio on March 13, 2020, when a cement truck tipped while traveling around a sharp curve and crushed a van, killing a woman inside.

Little information has been released about the accident. It occurred around 11 a.m.

Source: US News

Possible Causes of Commercial Truck Accidents

This accident highlights an all too common occurrence on our roadways. Large commercial motor vehicles are being operated in an unsafe manner, resulting in tragedy for innocent motorists. Although little is known about how this tragedy occurred, the facts we do know raise serious questions.

First, a cement truck is considered a commercial motor vehicle and requires a special license and training to operate. The crash may have occurred because the driver was not adequately trained or did not have the required license to operate this type of vehicle.

Second, these types of vehicles are governed by very specific laws, including restrictions on how much they can weigh.

It is possible that this cement truck was overloaded and that contributed to it flipping over as it sped around the sharp curve. Lastly, this could have been simple negligence on behalf of the driver.

Often these drivers are pushed to the limit by the company they work for. It could be that this driver was late, had very strict requirements placed on them, and they were simply driving too fast in an attempt to make up some time.

Regardless of the reason for the crash, those injured by large trucks and commercial motor vehicles should hire an experienced Connecticut truck accident attorney as soon as possible to help them handle the case.

Many of these companies have a group of attorneys on standby, ready to respond immediately when an accident like this occurs.

These lawyers immediately begin investigating the cause of the crash, gather evidence, and protect the driver from doing anything that may further expose themselves or the company to liability for the crash.  

Contact a Connecticut Truck Accident Lawyer

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