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How to Settle a Divorce Out of Court in Connecticut

how to settle divorce out of court

Although a divorce is emotionally draining, you can save time, stress, and money if you settle your case out of court. But keep in mind that you’ll still have to meet specific legal requirements when you settle your divorce case.

Below, our Connecticut divorce lawyer explains how to settle a divorce out of court in Connecticut. 

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Speak with an Attorney about Connecticut’s Divorce Requirements

Hiring a divorce attorney can help you settle a divorce out of court. 

Even in an uncontested divorce, you need to adhere to all of Connecticut’s divorce laws, including: 

Your case could be dismissed if you don’t follow the Connecticut divorce procedure precisely. An attorney will make sure you don’t miss any requirements or deadlines.

An attorney can also advocate for your best interest when drafting and negotiating an agreement. Plus, they’ll fight for you if things don’t go according to plan. 

There are people who will help you get divorced without your hiring a lawyer, by providing you the forms and providing some details. These helpers are working in the Superior Court System, we don’t recommend using them as they are not lawyers but if you have few assets and no children or you otherwise don’t want to use a lawyer, this is an option. Using a mediator, which we also help you with is an option. Feel free to speak with us about all options that may be available. 

Start a Discussion with Your Spouse and Their Attorney

You can’t begin settling a divorce out of court without your spouse. Be careful it can get tense, a lawyer helps insulate you from some of these tensions and should be able to help you move forward peacefully so long as the other side will cooperate. 

You’ll have to agree on issues like:

Sometimes, spouses use a neutral third party, such as a mediator, to help them reach a resolution. 

Meeting with your spouse one on one is not always appropriate. For example, you should not put yourself in danger if there’s a history of abuse. Speak with your attorney about alternative ways to settle. 

File the Divorce Paperwork in Court

Next, you must file your divorce petition and summons in court. It may seem counterintuitive to file your case in court if you want an out-of-court divorce settlement. However, the only way to obtain a divorce decree under Connecticut law is through the courts.

You’ll also have to arrange to serve your spouse with these documents or we can help you do an alternate service method. You can contact the state marshal in your district to arrange service if you are trying to do this yourself or you can work with us.

Gather and Prepare Financial Disclosures

One of the most critical steps in how to settle a divorce out of court is to gather and review your and your spouse’s financial information. This is critical to any agreement on the division of marital assets, spousal support, or child support.

Plus, Connecticut requires you to file financial disclosures with the court. If it is not accurate, for example one person does not disclose all assets properly then there can be ramifications now or in the future including penalties. We have done it before and can help you. 

Resolve Child-Related Issues

You’ll have to agree on child custody and support if you share a child. Your attorney if you hire one or if you dont you will negotiate a parenting plan allocating a custody and visitation schedule. A court will examine this plan to determine if it’s in the best interest of the child. Plus, Connecticut requires divorcing parents to attend a parenting class.

Request a Final Divorce Decree

Lastly, you’ll submit your finalized agreement and other required paperwork to the court to obtain a divorce decree. Typically, the court will hold a hearing before issuing the final divorce decree.

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