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How to Choose a Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Choosing a commercial real estate law attorney in CT

If you are thinking about purchasing commercial property, or if you are in the early stages of opening a business and are considering both buying and renting commercial real estate, it is extremely important to work with an experienced Connecticut commercial real estate attorney.

Not only is commercial real estate law in Connecticut very complicated, but the Connecticut General Statutes also require property buyers to have representation from an attorney in certain circumstances.

To be clear, attempting to buy or manage commercial real estate on your own can result in errors that ultimately can be devastating to your business.

In too many situations, businesses fail to hire a lawyer to handle specific commercial real estate needs. Even if you have a business law attorney who assists with your business needs, you should know that commercial real estate law has its own complexities and should be handled by an experienced real estate lawyer.

Given the significance of having a commercial real estate lawyer on your side, it is also important to know how to choose an attorney to work with you. The skilled real estate lawyers at StangerLaw LLC can help.

The following are tips for choosing the right Connecticut commercial real estate attorney. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (860) 561-0651 or submit the form below for assistance.

1. Hire a Lawyer With Experience Handling Commercial Real Estate Law

Your first priority in hiring a commercial real estate attorney is choosing a lawyer with experience handling commercial real estate law matters.

2. Work With a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer Who Can Handle a Wide Variety of Legal Issues Related to Commercial Real Estate

You should choose a commercial real estate attorney who can assist you with your present needs, but can also help with future commercial real estate law matters that arise.

For example, you may be in the process of purchasing commercial real estate, but you may need an attorney’s help at a later date negotiating the terms of a commercial lease or handling a breach of contract by a commercial tenant.

Choosing a commercial real estate lawyer now who can assist you with future legal issues can be extremely beneficial.

3. Learn About the Attorney’s Particular Experience Handling Commercial Real Estate Needs That Are Similar to Your Own

What experience does this particular attorney have in handling commercial real estate issues that are similar to yours?

You may have very common commercial real estate needs that almost any experienced commercial real estate attorney will have experience handling, or you may have a very particular and complex issue.

If you do have a specific commercial real estate law matter that is distinctive, it can be helpful to work with an attorney who has experience handling that particular type of legal issue.

4. Ask the Lawyer for Information About Commercial Real Estate Matters the Firm Has Handled

Every commercial real estate lawyer should be happy to provide you with information about past matters that she or he has handled for clients.

The firm may have testimonials from former clients that you can read, or the firm may be able to provide you with details of previous commercial real estate cases on which the firm has worked.

5. Seek Out References for the Lawyer or Firm

When you are hiring a commercial real estate lawyer, it is essential to know that the attorney has provided strong advocacy for clients in the past, and that they have worked with clients who have had commercial real estate matters similar to your own.

You should feel comfortable—and know that it is common practice—to ask any commercial real estate attorney with whom you meet for references.

If a lawyer cannot provide you with references, or if they get angry that you have asked for references, this should be an indication that you may want to seek out alternate representation.

When the attorney with whom you are speaking does provide a handful of references, you should feel entirely comfortable getting in touch with those references and asking them questions about the attorney and the firm.

For example, you might ask the client about communication with the particular attorney and with the firm more generally. You may also consider asking the client about whether costs seemed reasonable given the amount of time and quality of service.

6. Learn About Costs for Representation and Commercial Real Estate Services

It is okay to ask a commercial real estate lawyer about the anticipated costs for your commercial real estate needs, and about how the lawyer plans to bill you.

Keep in mind that the least expensive attorney often may be less expensive than others for a reason—for example, that attorney may have less experience than others in the field or may be cutting costs in other ways that are not ideal for you. At the same time, however, you should feel that the budget is appropriate given the amount of time that the attorney will be putting into your case and the services that the attorney will provide.

Depending upon the nature of your CT commercial real estate needs, it may be possible to work out a budget and payment schedule with the firm that is based on your current financing options. You should also keep in mind that the particular costs for your commercial real estate needs may vary depending upon which lawyer is handling particular issues and whether a paralegal will be involved in the necessary work.

7. Do Not Be Afraid to Meet with Multiple Commercial Real Estate Attorneys

The best Connecticut commercial real estate lawyers want you to feel comfortable with your decision to work with their firm. It is reasonable to meet with more than one commercial real estate lawyer in Connecticut before you make a decision about who you will hire.

Contact a Commercial Real Estate Attorney in Connecticut

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