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What is the Average Wrongful Death Settlement in Connecticut?

average wrongful death settlement connecticut

Every wrongful death case is unique, so there is no “typical” or “average” wrongful death settlement in Connecticut. However, as experienced wrongful death attorneys, we understand the factors that influence what you can receive in a wrongful death lawsuit payout.

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The Factors that Affect the Amount of an Average Wrongful Death Settlement in Connecticut

Connecticut law entitles the surviving family to recover for their losses when a loved one dies because of someone’s negligence.

The person who died is called the “decedent,” and the expenses and losses associated with the death are called “damages.” The personal representative of the decedent’s estate may bring a wrongful death lawsuit to collect damages on the family’s behalf

Damages recoverable in a wrongful death lawsuit include:

  • The costs of the decedent’s reasonably necessary medical, hospital, and nursing services;
  • Funeral expenses;
  • Lost earning capacity, minus deductions for future living expenses and income taxes;
  • Loss of the decedent’s ability to carry on and enjoy life’s activities in a way that they would have done had they lived;
  • Just, fair, and reasonable compensation for the loss of life; and
  • The physical pain or mental and emotional suffering the decedent endured before their death.

There is no precise mathematical formula to calculate the value of these damages. In a wrongful death case, the jury (Instruction 3.4-7 7 Damages–Wrongful Death) will decide the amount that will reasonably compensate the decedent’s estate based on the evidence. 

Here is a quick list of the factors juries will consider in assigning a value to the damages awarded:

  • The decedent’s life expectancy, including age, health, physical condition, habits, and activities;
  • The decedent’s wages before death, general experience as a wage earner, and their qualifications for conducting a gainful occupation;
  • The activities that the decedent enjoyed, including family, work, sports, recreation, and other aspects of life;
  • Whether certain traffic violations caused the decedent’s death.

As you can see, the losses attributed to a person’s death depend on the entirety of the circumstances, which are different for each family.

Why Wrongful Death Settlement Calculators Aren’t Accurate

You may be tempted to use a wrongful death settlement calculator. However, the only way to know the value of a potential settlement is to speak to a professional. Inputting your best guess into a calculator can’t accurately represent your situation.

When you meet with our attorneys, we will apply our practical legal experience to the facts of your case. We can tell you what Connecticut juries will likely award for your losses. We may even identify special damages that a calculator can’t assess.

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