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Are Divorce Filings Public in Connecticut?

Nobody wants to experience a divorce, but it happens. In many cases, two people are simply better off apart than together. When a divorce is the only reasonable course of action between you and your spouse, know that you are not alone.

Divorce is something that both parties usually want to keep out of the public eye. It’s a private matter that can be embarrassing for many people. It’s natural to wonder if divorce is a matter of public record in Connecticut. The short answer is: Yes, divorce filings are public record. In fact, if the divorce proceeding happened in the past 10 years, it can be located online.

A Closer Look at Divorce Records

When cases include sensitive, private information, divorce records can be sealed. However, a Court will not decide this on their own. Your attorney will be able to help ensure your records are sealed when it is necessary.

Here are a few reasons divorce records might be sealed:

  1. The records contain sensitive information regarding children. Those under 18 have a right to avoid being identified in divorce records. In some cases, records may be partially sealed.
  2. To protect victims of abuse and domestic violence.
  3. To protect sensitive proprietary business details.
  4. To protect banking and other private information.
  5. To prevent malicious, false information from becoming public knowledge.

Protecting Your Privacy

There are benefits to having records remain open to the public. For one, it helps ensure transparency in court proceedings. The general public should be able to see what happens in public courts. They also deserve to see why the Court makes decisions they way they do. It allows for trust in the system.

Though this is important, not all information should be available for everybody to see. In order to ensure your privacy is maintained, it’s important to work closely with your attorney during divorce cases. They will help you understand which information can be filed under seal, and how to go about the process.

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