Category: Legal Malpractice Posted on Mar 21, 2015

Another Lawyer Accused of Stealing

In response to recent article titled, “$1.8 Million Reported Missing From Estate Left to Town of Oxford”

Another lawyer accused of stealing. Lawyers are trusted with the money of others every minute of everyday. The money can sit under the lawyer’s sole control for months or years. There is no shortage of people in any profession, in any job, who are crooks, or who through a series of self told lies and justifications, break the rules. The difference is lawyers have greater unrestricted access to large sums of other people’s money. Especially lawyers who practice alone. Being a lawyer is a privilege, most lawyers are honest. Those who breach the trust which comes as part of the privilege should receive stiff and harsh punishment. One simple step which would help the profession police itself is to require all money held in trust to be in accounts where two lawyers have to sign for all withdrawals. It would slow the flow. There would still unfortunately be plenty of business for me helping the victims get there money back. CAN WE HELP? Call us. 860-561-0651.

Bruce Stanger

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