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9 Tips for Finding the Best Serious Injury Attorney in Connecticut

If you sustained a serious injury in an accident that wasn’t your fault, pursuing legal action can get you the justice and financial compensation you deserve.

An experienced personal injury attorney can be invaluable in your quest to hold the at-fault party responsible for their negligent or wrongful actions. When you go in search of the best serious injury lawyer for you, however, the process can be overwhelming. To help ease the challenge of making this decision, we offer you our top tips for hiring a personal injury lawyer.

The Connecticut personal injury lawyers of StangerLaw LLC understand the significant challenges that injury accident victims face. We hope these tips provide a place for you to begin your search for the best injury attorney to assist you. To help you make the best choices for you and future, we can assist you during your case evaluation. We will answer your questions and explain your options for pursuing a legal claim or filing a lawsuit. To learn more, call us today at (860) 561-0651 or contact us online now.

No. 1: Ask Serious Injury Lawyers What Their Specific Experience Is with Handling Cases Like Yours

Serious injury cases pose a complex challenge, even for the most experienced attorneys. Unless a lawyer has extensive experience in this area of the law, you might not get the results you deserve.

Establishing fault and proving liability after a serious injury accident requires extensive investigation. Any attorney you choose should have a strong network of resources, including investigators, accident reconstruction experts, subject matter experts, and others. This helps ensure that they will discover the critical evidence and documentation necessary to build the strongest possible case on your behalf.

No. 2: Ask Serious Injury Lawyers What They Believe Your Case Is Worth

Every injury accident case is unique. For this reason, it’s virtually impossible to determine the potential value of your claim using injury settlement calculators you might find online. Having your case evaluated by an experienced attorney is the only reliable way to obtain an estimate of your potential claim value.

Ask attorneys what types of damages they believe should be included in your claim and what the value of those might be. Ask also for an estimate of how much time they believe it will take to get a settlement in-hand. Finally, ask how the lawyer plans to document and support the value of your damages. A well-documented claim helps make sure you have the best chance of recovering compensation. Make sure your lawyer understands this critical aspect of handling a serious injury case before committing to having them represent you..

No. 3: Ask Catastrophic Injury Lawyers How Viable They Believe Your Case to Be

Demonstrating negligence and proving liability for a serious personal injury can pose a significant challenge. It is important to determine how much of a challenge your case might pose. One way to gain greater insight into the challenges your case might pose is to ask the lawyers you interview how they plan to investigate and document your claim and what strategies they might use to prove liability.

It is important to note that until any local injury lawyers you talk to have a chance to investigate your case, they won’t know all the critical details. However, having a general idea of how a lawyer goes about proving a serious injury accident case can help you in the process of making the right choice.

No. 4: Determine How Comfortable You Are with the Attorney and Legal Team

No matter how experienced a serious injury lawyer might be or how many cases they’ve won in the past, you must be comfortable with them. You need to be able to ask questions and discuss options with your attorney without hesitation. You also might need to be able to communicate with members of the legal team. 

Ask potential attorneys who will be working on your case. Will the attorney you’re meeting with be handling the majority of your case, or will it be handed off to an associate? Make sure you are talking with the lawyer who will take point on your case. Does the attorney make you feel at ease, provide you with answers to your questions, and demonstrate the proper level of care and compassion? Or do they make you feel rushed, unheard, or talked down to?

If it’s any of the latter, that might not be the right lawyer for you. You deserve an attorney team who treats you with respect, inspires your confidence, and communicates with you in a way that puts you at ease.

No. 5: Ask the Lawyer Whether Other Attorneys Refer Serious Injury Cases to Them

Finding an injury lawyer in Hartford is easy, as Connecticut is home to thousands of injury accident attorneys. Google “personal injury attorney near me,” and you will have countless options to choose from. 

Unfortunately, only a small percentage of those lawyers have actual experience with serious injury cases. If a client approaches an unqualified firm or a firm with a different specialty, those attorneys often refer the client to a more experienced attorney. Ask any potential lawyer how frequently they get referrals from other firms for cases similar to yours.

No. 6: Ask Attorneys How They Overcome Challenges in Serious Injury Accident Cases

Lawyers face multiple challenges when fighting for a personal injury accident victim. Ask potential lawyers about the types of challenges they anticipate in your case and how they plan to overcome them.

The right Connecticut injury accident lawyer for you is one who can anticipate and identify potential problems before they arise and take proactive steps to overcome them. You also deserve to know the truth about any potential challenges your claim might face before deciding to move forward. Setting realistic expectations at the outset will help ensure that you don’t encounter any unpleasant surprises down the road.

No. 7: Ask About the Attorney’s Track Record with Serious Injury Cases

Before choosing a Hartford injury attorney to handle your case, ask for referrals from their past clients.

If the firm has testimonials and online reviews posted on their site, take a moment to see what past clients have to say about any lawyer you’re considering. Attorneys can’t reveal client contact information or case settlement details, but ask to see results in the form of settlements negotiated with insurance companies as well as court verdicts and awards. It’s important to choose an experienced litigator, in case you have to take your case to court.

Although past achievements won’t necessarily reflect on the potential outcome of your case, seeing what an attorney has accomplished for their clients in the past will give you a better sense of their commitment to results. 

No. 8: Ask the Attorney What Your Next Steps Should Be

You must act with caution, lest you jeopardize your own injury claim. When talking to an attorney you’re considering, as for guidance on what you should do—and not do—moving forward.

For example, attorneys often work closely with medical professionals in the community. Your lawyer might recommend specific doctors who are well-versed in treating injuries like yours and who will wait for payment until your case settles.

Whether or not any attorney provides you with a list of things not to do, try to avoid taking any action that could jeopardize your claim. For example, you should never provide a statement to the insurance company or discuss any potential settlement offers until you’ve spoken with an experienced attorney.

No 9: Talk to a Serious Injury Attorney As Soon As Possible

Our last tip is to never delay in talking to an attorney after a serious injury accident. The sooner you can get an attorney on board, the better for your case outcome and for your future. Although time is of the essence, you still need to ensure that you choose the best serious injury lawyer for you.

The experienced West Hartford personal injury attorneys of StangerLaw LLC understand how to help you through this daunting process and fight to get the best possible outcome for you.

Contact us now to schedule a consultation and case review with one of our experienced, compassionate serious injury attorneys. We are available any time to help you in your quest to find the best personal injury attorney for your case.

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