Can I Sue Them for Suing Me?

The law is meant to provide justice, but every now and then someone brings a lawsuit with no legal merit or brings a lawsuit solely designed to torment or trouble another individual or entity. If this has happened to you, we can help. Connecticut law protects defendants who have had to spend money and time defending vexatious lawsuits. In Connecticut, any person who commences or persecutes a suit without probable cause or designed solely to trouble the defendant can be liable for double or triple damages.

At the law firm of StangerLaw LLC, in West Hartford, our vexatious litigation lawyers believe that the law is meant for good and should not be used irresponsibly. Our attorneys hold those who would abuse the law by filing vexatious lawsuits accountable for their actions. Whenever an innocent party has been made to spend his or her hard-earned money to defend a frivolous lawsuit, injustice has been done, and that party should be compensated.

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We Help Determine if You Have a Case

If you’ve been sued unjustly, and that case has been dismissed or ruled in your favor, you may be entitled to compensation for your legal fees and lost revenue.

We work with our clients to evaluate to what extent they have been damaged by vexatious litigation lawsuits. If you feel that you have been the victim of someone’s vexatious lawsuit, we can help you analyze whether that damage justifies a lawsuit.

Act Quickly Before Time Runs Out

Every state has established time limits for filing lawsuits, including suits for vexatious litigation. The sooner you contact an attorney, the better able we will be to protect your right to pursue damages before the statute of limitations runs out on your claim. If your case is not filed in time, you can lose all of your rights.

Our professional malpractice attorneys generally accept cases on a contingency fee basis. This means we do not receive any fees for our services unless we recover money for our clients. When we win the case — either at trial or by settling out of court — our fees are deducted from the damages awarded.

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