Attorney Leah Cohen Chatinover talks about working with nonprofits.

Legal Assistance With Your Charitable or Nonprofit Organization

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Attorney Leah Chatinover focuses her efforts on providing comprehensive nonprofit organization legal services. She has vast experience representing startups and existing organizations, and she can help you with a variety of issues such as:

  • Creating a 501(c)(3) entity
  • Explaining tax-exempt status and compliance
  • Guiding nonprofit organization leaders on governance
  • Implementing best practices regarding all aspects of running a successful tax exempt organization
  • Assisting with endowments
  • Helping with unrelated business tax income
  • Consulting on governance, conflict resolution and facilitating mergers and strategic alliances

Whether you are a charitable organization, an educational or religious organization, or a social service or other agency that serves the public, our law firm can help. You can depend on us for strong legal representation and a long-term relationship to help you handle whatever legal issues arise throughout your nonprofit organization’s life.

Setting Up a Nonprofit Organization? Questions About a Tax Exempt Entity?

Nonprofit organizations require strong legal guidance in all aspects of operations, ranging from startup choices to contract negotiation. However, nonprofit organizations also face unique issues such as tax exemption that require specific legal knowledge and experience in nonprofit representation.

Our Hartford lawyers are dedicated to helping clients set up nonprofit, tax-exempt entities and assisting with the operation of nonprofits. From advising nonprofit boards to recommending best practices, we help nonprofits advance their organizations and missions.

Contact Us for Nonprofit Legal Advice

If you would like to start a nonprofit organization, need help mediating a conflict within your organization, are embarking on a collaborative project with another nonprofit, or if you have questions about your existing nonprofit, contact attorney Chatinover for a consultation by calling