massachusetts car accident lawyer

A car accident does more than just wreck your vehicle. Such an unexpected event can interrupt your life, leaving you injured, in pain, and unable to work. Because the consequences of a car accident are often severe, you need experienced legal help.

While many Boston car accident victims think they can negotiate a settlement with an insurance company on their own, that is often a bad idea. Insurance companies attempt to settle claims for far less than their fair value.

This practice boosts company profits while depriving accident victims of the money they need. A car accident attorney in Massachusetts can protect your rights and make sure you are treated fairly.

If you have suffered car accident injuries, you should call a Massachusetts car accident lawyer immediately. At StangerLaw LLC, we are ready to put our decades of experience to work on your behalf.

What to Do After a Car Accident in Massachusetts

After a Massachusetts car accident, you can improve your chances of obtaining a significant settlement by performing the following actions.

Seek Medical Treatment

First, seek medical treatment for any urgent injuries. You should call paramedics and police to the scene of the accident. Allow paramedics to take you to the hospital for further evaluation if they recommend it.

Do not delay treatment. Not only does prompt treatment improve your chances of physical recovery, but it also boosts your potential settlement. If you delay treatment, an insurance company could claim that you sustained your injury from another incident after the accident.

Gather Evidence at the Scene

If you do not need immediate medical treatment, gather available accident evidence by doing the following:

  • Take photos of the accident scene; 
  • Take photos of the surrounding environment;
  • Write down witness names and contact information;
  • Record the driver license and insurance information of the other driver; and
  • Write notes of anything you remember happening before and in the accident.

If you need medical treatment, prioritize that care. You can ask a trusted friend to gather evidence while you get needed medical care. Also, our investigators can begin compiling information as soon as you contact our law firm.

Contact a MA Car Accident Attorney

You benefit from having an attorney on your side as early as possible in the accident settlement process. Insurance companies like to pressure victims for statements soon after an accident. Thus, you may feel the need to give a statement while you are overwhelmed and confused. 

Instead, you should contact a car accident lawyer in Massachusetts to take over insurance company negotiations for you. 

At StangerLaw LLC, our Massachusetts car accident lawyers can review the accident events with you and prepare you for questions from the insurance company.

We will also send our investigators to gather evidence that can support your Boston car accident claim. Then, we will pressure the insurance company to give you the compensation you deserve.

Our law firm attempts to take the stress of insurance company negotiations off your shoulders so that you can focus on recovery. 


We provide no-strings-attached consultations.

Find Out How a Massachusetts Car Accident Attorney Can Benefit You

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