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How Do Same-Sex Couples Divorce in Connecticut?

In Connecticut, all couples who have a legally recognized relationship and have met the one-year residency requirement may obtain a divorce. This means that any couple who has obtained a marriage or civil union in any other state or country may obtain a divorce in Connecticut if at least one of the parties has lived within Connecticut for one year or more.

What if I Don’t Live in Connecticut or Recently Moved to Connecticut?

Connecticut has a one-year residency requirement for at least one party of the marriage before they can obtain a divorce. This means that couples who traveled to Connecticut in order to get married cannot get divorced in Connecticut unless at least one of them has been a Connecticut resident for at least one year.

Exceptions to the one-year residency requirement are:

  • If one of the parties was domiciled within Connecticut at the time of the marriage and has returned to Connecticut with the intent to stay in the state permanently prior to filing for divorce.
  • The reason for the divorce arose after the party moved to Connecticut.

What if I or My Spouse is in the Armed Forces?

Connecticut law recognizes one’s state of residence as the state they resided in when they entered the service. As such, any person serving in the armed forces or the merchant marine, and who resided in the state when they entered the service, is considered to have continuously been a Connecticut resident for the time he or she has served or is serving with the armed forces or merchant marine.

What Are Child Custody Rights of Same-Sex Married Couples in Connecticut?

A child born during the marriage is considered a child of the marriage and both parties have custody rights. In the event of divorce, both spouses may claim child custody or visitation, and the parent who receives custody may receive payments of child support from the noncustodial parent.

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