Did Your Attorney Screw Up?

Lawyers have a duty to represent their clients in a competent manner and to provide competent representation.

If you hired an attorney who failed to represent your interests or who made a serious mistake in your case, you may be able to file a legal malpractice claim.

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7 Most Common Lawyer Screwups

Examples of Legal Malpractice in Connecticut

The following are some examples of negligence and mistakes made by attorneys that could result in successful legal malpractice lawsuits:

  • Missing deadlines or failing to file case materials on time;
  • Failing to appear for a hearing;
  • Failing to communicate with the client;
  • Procrastinating on a client’s case;
  • Inadequately investigating a case;
  • Committing a conflict of interest;
  • Giving the client poor advice;
  • Engaging in sexual misconduct;
  • Committing fraud;
  • Making a clerical error;
  • Losing files or documents in a client’s case;
  • Improperly delegating work in a client’s case to another employee or to someone outside the firm;
  • Stealing money from the client or otherwise breaching a fiduciary duty;
  • Negligently negotiating a contract or settlement agreement;
  • Negligently drafting a contract or settlement agreement;
  • Agreeing to a settlement offer without speaking to the client; and
  • Failing to keep the client’s best interests in mind.

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