Category: Attorneys Only Posted on May 30, 2023

Statewide Grievance Committee Increases Audits | See Report Card

The Statewide Grievance Committee seems to be stepping up their audits and related investigations of Lawyer’s Clients Funds Accounts. We suggest you pass this Random Audit Report Card along to your accounting staff for them to do a self audit of compliance with your obligations.

Even though the attorney delegates these obligations to their staff, it is the attorney who faces the ramifications for non compliance. Last I looked at the numbers it was rare for someone to go through an audit and be told they are in complete compliance. There is some flexibility for minor issues.

However what you may think is a minor issue, may not be.

Contact us online or call (860) 561-0651 for assistance with the following:

  • a self audit and review using the report card
  • preparing for the audit after you receive notice, or
  • responding to any action items coming your way as the result of the audit.

Bruce Stanger

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