Category: Attorneys Only Posted on Jun 15, 2017

New Scam Targets CT Attorneys

A new scam has been circulating, targeting Connecticut law firms. It could land you in serious hot water. Thieves are sending emails to law firms reciting information about a known client who has money in clients funds asking that the money be wired to a specific account which—you guessed it—is the thieves’ account.

The rule – never wire or send money to anyone without first initiating a phone call to the client. Be sure to check two things:

  1. If they sent the instructions, and
  2. Read the specific account numbers, amounts etc. or other instructions to them to confirm sending the email

The call to the client must be made by someone who knows the client’s voice, and the phone number for the client must be from our abacus system, not the email requesting the transfer.

Bruce Stanger

My litigation experience includes family law, divorce, product liability, construction law, professional negligence, shareholder disputes, legal malpractice, and general commercial litigation.