You’ve worked hard all your life, but now you can’t because of an unexpected injury or illness. If you suffer from permanent injuries or impairments which keep you from working, you should consider applying for Social Security Disability. We Can Help in Connecticut if you want to apply for benefits.

What Is Social Security Disability?

Social Security Disability (“SSD”) is a federal disability insurance program. It is separate from Social Security Retirement, but is similar in that workers pay a small percentage of their wages into a federally managed fund to be eligible for SSD should they need it. SSD provides totally disabled workers with a monthly check (based on their level of earnings in the years before onset of disability) as well as access to Medicare. SSD is not short-term disability program, nor is it designed to provide quick relief to people unable to work. Call us we can help with your SSD claim in CT.

Am I Eligible For SSD?

It depends. To be eligible for SSD, a person must have a physical or mental impairment (or a combination of impairments) that prevents them from working in any job, and the impairment or impairments must be expected to last for more than one year, or result in death. Most people who apply for SSD can no longer work in their profession due to their impairments. However, the Social Security Administration (“Administration”) must find that the person cannot perform work in any field, given their condition. In determining a person’s ability to perform other work, the Administration looks at the person’s impairments, and the effect those impairments have on the person’s ability to function. If the person is taking necessary medication, the Administration looks at any side effects that medication might have. Finally, the Administration takes into account the person’s age, prior work, education and training to determine if they are suitable for other work.

In addition, a person must have worked enough “quarters” (i.e. contributed enough to Social Security) to be eligible. Whether an individual’s work history is sufficient depends on their particular situation. There is no charge – just call us.

How Long Will It Take?

The Administration considers each application three times – the initial determination, a reconsideration, and finally a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. Most claimants wait 18-30 months for a hearing before a judge, if that is necessary. Once a judge hears a case, he or she has an additional 60 days to make a ruling, and if the ruling is favorable the Administration has 60 additional days to pay the applicant.

It should be stressed that, for almost everyone, SSD is not a fast process, and even applicants with strong cases should not expect a quick award of benefits. We can help you understand your Social Security Disability (SSD) claim in Conn.

What Should I Expect Once I Apply?

The first step in any application is to contact your local office to set up an appointment. If you want, you can have the appointment by telephone. The Administration will take down basic information from you, request some documentation, and then send you paperwork by mail. Once you receive this paperwork, you must complete it and return it to your local office.

Do I Need an Attorney?

Many claimants navigate the maze of SSD without the help of an attorney. However, having an attorney can increase your chances of a successful determination on your claim. We can gather your medical records, help focus the Administration on the important parts of your case, and make sure your case stays on track. We can also argue your case before an Administrative Law Judge and help you understand what will be expected of you when you testify. In Connecticut we help people applying for SSD before they give testimony.

How Does the Attorney Get Paid?

The attorney’s fee is set by the federal government. There is no fee unless you win, and back benefits are paid to you. If this is the case, the government pays the attorney directly from past-due benefits the government owes you, usually 25% of those past-due benefits, but never more than $5,300.00. The fee does not include a portion of your monthly checks after you begin receiving SSD.

What Should I Do Next?

If you’re unsure about applying for SSD, or would like more information, please call us at 860-561-0651. We have successfully represented claimants at all stages of the application process, and pride ourselves on our commitment to our clients and dedication to their cases. We represent claimants throughout Connecticut.

Social Security Disability – SSDI – is there to help. The challenge is knowing if you qualify. The biggest challenge is convincing the government that you are entitled to the money. That’s where we help. If you have not applied or if you have been denied, call us, if we take your case we will help you obtain all that you are entitled to under Social Security Disability.