Category: Real Estate Law Posted on Jan 28, 2021

Connecticut Property Tax Appeals to the Board of Assessment Appeals

Each year, on or before January 31st, the tax assessor in each town or city publishes a grand list containing the assessed values of the all of the property in town and including any statutory exemption(s) and assessment penalties.

The general statutes allow for a one month extension to the January 31st deadline, which we may see some towns and cities implementing due to the pandemic.

If you feel as though your property has been overvalued, you likely have a right to appeal to the board of tax review or the board of assessment appeals. The deadline for doing so is February 20th (unless extended by the city/town to March 20th).

Forms are typically available on the town website and/or through the tax assessor’s office. Once an appeal is filed, you will receive a hearing date and will have the opportunity to be heard by the board, who will ultimately make a decision as to whether or not a change to the valuation is warranted and what the new valuation should be.

The best thing that you can do appealing an assessment, whether it be for a revaluation (which occurs every five years) or for an interim valuation, is to offer proof as to why the property has been overvalued and/or to justify your suggested value of the property. This requires obtaining a copy of the assessor’s file as well as obtaining supporting documents which, often times, includes an appraisal.

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